Welcome to Just Games this is a website were we all can voice our opinions about Counter-Strike Global-Offensive(or CS-GO). The general talk here is CS-GO is dying I wanting to stop that. I want to also stop the cancerous community. If CS-GO is dying I want to make new comers to the game happy to be playing and enjoy the hardship it is to grind your way into high ranking ranks like L.E Legendary Eagle or Global Elite. I want this game to be the best for everyone and for the younger plays not to be harassed because they don't sound the part. The way to voice your opinion is to contact me at email.

Skins(For the noobs)

For Noobs

Welcome Noobs to the general everything about CS-GO and so you can join a game prepared. First before entering your first game of Competitive please do your team a favour and practice your skill and download the Aim Bot z training map it auto sets up bots and you can enter a test for skill take that test until you think your score is good enough. This is the best way to rank up in this game. Also don"t" join the game unless you have a working mic I don't know who that likes the fact that they enter the comp match and your whole team has no mic. And please for the love of the team and your game do all of us a favour and make time that doesn't run into everything like dinner or walking a pet. And some helpful hints are to change your view model by going to crash z view model map and also change the cross hair to something you like by crash z cross-hair generator final change your ping distance to the lowest possible to get people that are closer to you and are on servers closer common mistake everyone makes. And finaly GL HF