Picture Of CS-GO


The general talk here is CS-GO is dieing I wanting to stop that. I want to also stop the cancerous community. If CS-GO is dieing I want to make new comers to the game happy to be playing and enjoy the hardship it is to grind your way into high ranking ranks like L.E Legendary Eagle or Global Elite. I want this game to be the best for everyone and for the younger plays not to be horrased because they don't sound the part.

New Updates

Is Spectrum 2 for you? The case comes with the community made skins as the P250 "See Ya Later" and the AK-47 "Emperus" featuring a vibe of a old Chinese leader or queen. But the outstanding part is the covert (red) P250 skin. This is very uncommon as known to me there was no other covert(red) skin for the P250 just Classified (pink).

ESL Top Players

Have a problem queing with people and irritated with solo queing here are a few names that need a partner now!

If you are caught throwing or hacking or not playing with best effort you will be banned from this function and reported with email to valve.

★United States.